Solan’s Shelves at 11 Months

I finally got around to photographing what Solan is working on now. I can’t believe my baby is almost a year! This month his range of interests has exploded and he is leaning all sorts of new skills.

From to left to bottom right, Sol currently has the following things out:

Megablocks, with a base to build on. Solan watches Liv build with her Legos a lot and he was interested in trying it too, so I decided to bring these out for him as they are chunkier and more of a beginner block.

Better Builders, which are magnetic builders. He accidentally discovered some magnets this week and was very interested, so I thought this would be a good way to go. This has been a hit with both kids (not so much with Liv the first time around) but they have both been interested in these this time.

Scented sensory jars. These are a DIY using spice jars. I didn’t have cotton balls so I used a bit of paper towel inside and a few drops of lavender on one and lemongrass on the other. I’ll be switching up the scents. Liv loves these too, they’re great for any age.

Peg and cup. A basic Montessori tool and a huge hit with Solan from the moment it was presented. He worked really hard on this one and got it quickly. It was amazing to watch his focus and to see him go from just missing the cup to confidently being able to place the peg inside.

Nesting bowls. These have been a favorite with Liv from the day we got them, and now they are loved by Solan as well. I don’t think we’ve ever put them away. He loves nesting them inside one another; Liv uses them for pretend cooking and putting things inside. These are Grimm’s brand. We’ve actually had to email for a replacement for the tiniest bowl because the smallest of parts seem to get lost on our house!

Pull string box. Another DIY; I made this for Liv when she was a baby and both kids seems to enjoy it. It’s one of those things where you pull the string on one side and it gets shorter on the other, presenting a cause and effect situation, as well as for practicing the pulling motion.

Pop-Up Peg toy. Since the peg and cup was such a huge hit, I decided to pull these out as well for extra practice. Sol has enjoyed putting them inside the holes, as well as meticulously placing them back inside the little basket.

Zipper bag to pack/unpack. I gave Solan one of my little zipper bags and a few small items to place inside or take out. He’s loved this work the most recently. He’s studied the zipper, as well as has spent a lot of time and focus figuring out how to pack and unpack the items in the basket. It’s been a joy to watch him be busy with this one.

Box with ball. I recently saw Solan be really fascinated with opening and closing this box, just as I was going to put it away from another material he wasn’t using. So I decided to put a ball inside (since he’s all about the in/out movements lately) for him to explore.

Some other items I placed in front of the shelf for this photo are some of Solan’s other favorites at the moment, including our wagon, drum, ball (we also have a basket of other smaller balls of different texture and color that he loves), a rolling push toy that makes a ‘click-clack’ sound when rolled, a pull along turtle toy we were gifted, and a basket of books.

It’s been so amazing to watch his variety of interests expand at this age. The focus and curiosity is really beautiful to see develop.