Liv is 3 Months!

Our little bug turned 3 months Friday!

What has Liv been up to?

We are just getting out of a major growth spurt. Whether this was an early sleep regression, growth spurt, or teething, we don’t know. We’ve learned that when it comes to these periods, all these things look the same and leave you feeling just as crazy. I’ve heard that each major growth spurt leads to some kind of major development, so we are excited to see what new skill she will present us with next.

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Recipes Of The Week #6

I do have to say that I really enjoyed last week’s dishes and they were enjoyable to make! The tacos with the lime juice were so delicious, and the pasta primavera had a simple but rich taste. We had leftovers so we didn’t get to the butternut squash recipe, so we’ll be carrying it over to this week. And along with that recipe I’m adding two new ones for the week. Here are last week’s recipes, and here are this week’s:

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Our Birth Story – Pt. 1

I’ve wanted a child for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was because I was eager to do better than I thought was done unto me, or perhaps it was because I loved children even as a child myself. I grew up with a mother who was a Developmental Psychologist and always brought me around children, and we had many books on child development around the house. I was always interested in how to nourish children, what they need to thrive, and could hardly wait to have a child of my own one day.

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Recipes Of The Week #5

Hello all!

Haven’t done this segment in a bit because when you have a new baby, you cook what you have as fast as possible. There’s no time for recipes! But now that Livy is turning 3 months this week, things are a little less hectic and we have time to cook again, thanks to my husband, who does most of it.

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things to do with baby within the first year

9 Things To Do With Baby Within The First Year

It is exciting to watch your baby learn numerous new skills within their first year, such as walking, vocalization, playing with toys, smiling, and many others. Baby’s brain develops rapidly from the moment they are born and they quickly become a non-stop learning machine. They will look at things wide-eyed in fascination with “o” lips as they are intrigued by the world around them and you watch with joy as they take it all in. The first year can be an exciting time for both baby and parent, and there are many ways in which you can help your little one learn and explore the world around them and grow. Here are some things you can do with your baby within the first year.

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3 Ways Whiten Teeth

3 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

White teeth never go out of style!

However it is a misconception that the shade of one’s teeth is always directly related to one’s level of oral hygiene.

I’ve personally never had super pearly whites even though I’ve oil pulled, used essential oils, ate healthy foods, and used other methods of keeping my mouth and gums healthy. I know plenty of people who live very healthy and active lifestyles and whose teeth are slightly yellow. The food we eat can sometimes stain our teeth over time and with the function that our mouth serves, it’s not realistic to get blindingly white teeth without some kind of interference. Naturally speaking our teeth are not meant to be extremely white. In fact, the mouth is the dirtiest place on the body! However I cannot negate that there is something aesthetically pleasing about seeing your teeth sparkle, and it makes your mouth feel fresh and clean.

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Blooming Motherhood: Surviving and Growing During Our First Month As Parents

They say that when a baby is born, so is a mother.

It has officially been 4 weeks since we’ve been parents and since we’ve been home with our daughter, Liv Espen. Our journey so far has been difficult, exhausting, and absolutely beautiful. My birth as a mother started long before Liv came in to the world, yet I was born as a mother the day Liv was born in many ways that I’d soon come to learn about.

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9 Pregnancy Myths

Today I’m 40 weeks and we are so excited! Hooray!

I owe a lot of my readiness and comfort level and even excitement of my birth to trying to be informed and making decisions that are best for me and my family. Before I took an amazing birth class with my husband prior to our move, there were a few things I believed or imagined about pregnancy that I believed to be true. However after taking the class, and experiencing pregnancy first hand, I came to realize that there were some silly things that I thought to be true which indeed were not. Here are some pregnancy myths that my husband and I unveiled as we have journeyed through our first pregnancy together:

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IMG_5608 small 2

39 1/2 Week Update

Baby isn’t here yet but she could arrive at any minute!

There was definitely some stress around the breech situation and the limited options we had regarding our birth, however Ant and I have modified our birth plan and have made sweet, sweet peace with it. I feel like I can breathe again! I’m very much ready for baby to come and I have no words to describe how excited we are to greet her. It definitely feels so unreal that she can be here any day and that there’s a full grown baby in my belly! However we are relishing these moments. We have cleaned house, prepared postpartum meals, and have everything ready to go. What a wonderful feeling! We really thought baby would come last week as we started feeling some things progress, but then things sort of slowed down again. Seems like baby L can come at any time, now or two weeks from now!

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14 Must Haves For A Natural Birth

I’ve known I wanted a natural birth since before I was pregnant. Reading up on all the information and seeing what birth could be like for me was really exciting and empowering, especially since I have never liked the hospital environment. Over the years my husband and I have educated ourselves on all there is to know and we really found ourselves in strong agreement about natural birth and home birth and we knew that this is how we would want to bring a child into the world.

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