Our Best-Rated Baby Items For 0-3 Months

Liv is now 3 months old and we have found some great toys and items to help accompany her progress and growth! Here is a list of the items we purchased and loved and would recommend:

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Organic Cover

Though I didn’t use the boppy much to breastfeed Liv when she was a newborn, I use it all the time now for two reasons. The first one is that she always naps in my arms and recently also while latched on to my breast. Sometimes my arms get tired and other times I need to work on a blog post while she’s napping. So I have the boppy around my waist while I’m sitting and her body and head rest on it easily while she stays latched on and sleeps. Two handed typing, win-win! The second reason is that now that she’s a little older, we use it a lot to prop her up to sit, with a towel or pillow behind her neck. It’s much better than just sitting her up with no support around her midline. There are probably other nursing pillows with a similar shape that you can purchase, but we got this one along with an organic cover.

2. Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

I like everything about this gym and Liv has loved it so far. When we first put her down, she wasn’t as playful with it because she wasn’t at that stage yet, but she loved looking around at the different animals and colors. Now she enjoys smacking the toys, and I like the colors, theme, and the fact that the toys can be removed and moved to different locations. I like that when she’s laying a certain way, she can kick some of the toys while hitting others. Each toy has different features and patterns. When she outgrows the playgym, the whole thing comes apart and the mat itself is interactive too, with a mirror, squeakers, and crinkly parts. We’ve even taken off some of the toys for a car ride or for playing without the mat. It also comes with a tummy pillow. This is one of the developmental toys we’ve been using the most and I am really happy with the purchase.

3. Fisher-Price Kick And Play Piano

We got this toy for Liv when she was around a month and a half. She was very kicky with her feet and I thought she may enjoy it. She loved it! We’ve used it almost daily since we got it, and still use it now. She enjoys learning that a kick produces a sound, and she loves watching the flashing lights above the notes. I usually prop her neck and head up a bit so that she can see the keyboard, and she enjoys it that way more than laying flat on her back. We’ve really enjoyed watching her have fun with this toy, it’s definitely a favorite around here.

4. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy, Lion

I don’t know what it is about this toy that makes kids so happy, but Liv was so cheerful to see her lion. In the reviews, other parents reported their kiddos loving on this toy as well. I like the overall look of the toy itself, including the colors and patterns. I love that the feet crinkle and that there are parts that she can gnaw on later, when she’s teething.

5. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo

We looked at a couple other comparable jumparoos, and we would have probably enjoyed them just as much. However my daughter is very eager to be on her legs and loves being upright, so although she’s only 3 months, she’s enjoyed this toy heaps. It took her a couple of days to learn that she can bounce in it, and until then she was pretty entertained with some of the toys in front of her. Now that she knows she can bounce herself, you can bet her tiny tush is very happy in this jumparoo.

I love that she can build leg strength while getting a little bit of independence even though I usually sit next to her while she bounces. I like that the music responds to her bouncing, as not all jumparoos have this feature. Although I have not compared this jumparoo to others, I do think it seems pretty bouncy, as I’ve heard not all jumparoos are equal in that aspect. I do wish more than one of the toys responded with music and lights, as the rest of them don’t to much. I also do have to put a tower under her feet so that she can reach the floor, but this is our latest toy and we are loving it!

6. Teether Trees

Livy has been in a ‘mouth’ stage for some time now and we thought maybe she’s teething early, maybe she’s not, but that she could sure use something she could gnaw on for either pain relief or enjoyment. I looked at a few things and wanted to make sure I find something nontoxic, and boy are these things great. Not only did they have great reviews, but Liv loves putting these in her mouth. In fact, she likes putting these in her mouth more than any of her other toys. I like that she can easily hang on to the stem of the ‘tree’ with her little fingers, and the ‘berries’ are thin, so they fit into her mouth easily while providing a rubbery yet extured feeling for relief.

7. Magnificent Baby Infant Hooded Bear Pram

This bunting suit is warm and cozy! We loved the magnetic closure, which makes it easier to dress a squirmy infant. We started putting this on Livy when it started to cool down, even though it was still a bit big on her. Now that she’s 3 months, it’s still a tiny bit big but she’s slowly growing into it. We love the teddy bear design with the ears on the hood and the bear paws on the feet. This thing is seriously cute and made our cool morning walks warm and snuggly.

8. Margaux and May Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

We brought these to the hospital with us, so we’ve been using them since day one, and still going strong. These swaddles are breathable and light, and are the perfect size for swaddling a newborn or an infant. We’ve used them to block the sun in the car seat and as a light blanket for naps and stroller walks. The quality is awesome for the price when compared to more expensive brands.

9. Oball Infant Rattle

We picked one of these up at target. This toy is awesome! Not only is it a rattle, but it teaches your baby how to hold things with their fingers. The webbed design allows even a younger baby to be able to hold and pick up the toy. Liv was really fascinated with this ball and still enjoys playing with it very much. I love that it teaches her coordination.


What are your go-to toys for your newborn and infant? Do you own any of the above items and love them? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


Disclaimer: The links above are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission if you purchase something through them, at no higher cost to you. The opinions above are my own and I was not paid to review these items.