Livy is 4 months!

What have been up to this past month?

We had a few visitors over a period of 3 weeks: our parents and a friend (Livy’s aunt Momo). It was quite nice to have an extra set of hands (as always), and especially nice to get a mental break from the daily hubbub of mothering/fathering. Livy has grown unbelievably in all sorts of ways. The girl is going places! In the past month, here are some things she’s learned:

  • she’s up for 3 hours at a time and takes 3 naps during the day
  • sleeping terribly at night, waking every hour or so
  • went through her sleep regression a month early (yay)
  • found her toes!
  • laughs and giggles more
  • makes a whole new variety of faces and sounds
  • loves to shriek out of joy (this is especially funny!)
  • she awaits your response to some of her actions (for example she like to play a game where she shrieks at you with 160% of energetic excitement and then waits still and wide-eyed for you to shriek back, which of course we do)
  • she’s a tad better in the car seat
  • uses her hands to pick up objects like balls and, even with one hand
  • is more coordinated hand to mouth
  • enjoys tummy time a bit more than before
  • pushes herself up on her hands in tummy time, almost completely
  • looks like she may crawl soon as she tries to move forward during tummy time
  • still shoving everything into her mouth!
  • become a bit of a light sleeper in the day. Any slight noise can wake her
  • starting to want to sit up a lot more, leans forward to try to get objects and to try to balance herself on her hands
  • started solids! I first let her lick/suck on some fruit when she showed great interest and reached out for it. She went ham on it and we have started to very slowly and in small amounts give her this and that. She now has a highchair and loves fruit, avocados (with a passion), sweet potatoes, and eggs yolks!
  • lasts in the stroller a bit longer without losing it. She acts more interested in her surroundings. Still refuses to sleep in it though so she gets cranky with time!
  • saw her first snow and walked in it!
  • shows more interest in the dogs and tries to pet/hug/squeeze them (and lick -.-)
  • loves to touch and observe faces

It’s been a tough month, kids. Some while ago she started sleeping 5 hours at night and then the sleep regression motherlode hit us like a tornado from hell. She hasn’t slept normally in almost two months. She’s essentially been waking every hour or two, and MAN are we tired. It’s been rough sailing. Since the sleep regression started, she’s only let me comfort her (mostly), she’s wanted to be on the boob at all times day and night, and she would only sleep latched on. Now that she’s out of the sleep regression and still sleeping poorly, we wanted to help her (and us).

Last night we started implementing a very gentle, no-cry sleep solution that I came up with after some research to help her learn to sleep on her own (but next to mama). This is important at this stage so that babies who wake up during the night don’t need to suck on the breast or wake their parents to go back to sleep. Frequent wakings at this age can lead to a tired baby, so overall this is better for all of us. We actually got through it pretty painlessly! If this works, I may share my method in another post because I know a lot of mothers go through this stage and it is hard hard hard. I don’t do well on no sleep. We will continue with what we are doing and see how it goes, but I can attest that we saw results right away. Wish us luck (we’re so tired!!!)!

What’s funny is that I saw a lot of ‘sleep training’ methods online and most of them required you to let your baby cry, and I have to tell you that I wasn’t comfortable with that. I will always comfort my baby, there’s no other way for me.

In other news, I can’t believe my baby will be 5 months in 3 weeks! Let me just go weep quietly now.

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Until next month!