Liv is 3 Months!

Our little bug turned 3 months Friday!


What has Liv been up to?

We are just getting out of a major growth spurt. Whether this was an early sleep regression, growth spurt, or teething, we don’t know. We’ve learned that when it comes to these periods, all these things look the same and leave you feeling just as crazy. I’ve heard that each major growth spurt leads to some kind of major development, so we are excited to see what new skill she will present us with next.

  • Liv laughs and giggles, a lot. She smiles at us first thing in the morning!
  • She is very alert, always has been. She loves to look at her surroundings and is very, very curious.
  • Babbling is her new development and she does it a lot! Especially when reading books, which she does a lot. We call her Professor Hoot, because she loves to sit with a book and put on her most curious face and make owl sounds at the book while she thoroughly studies every detail.
  • She’s been able to stand up assisted for a while, and now she’s working on her balance.
  • She smiles at herself in the mirror and is always pleased with her reflection.
  • She’s learning to bounce in her jumparoo!
  • She is trying to get the hand of coordination with sticking things in her mouth, like her teether, which she loves to chomp on. Baby girl is a drool monster and everything goes into her mouth without hesitation.
  • She adores eye contact. This isn’t a new development, however she’s progressed with it by responding more and more with time. She absolutely loves if you look right into her soul when you talk or sing to her. She instantly flashes a huge smile, or coos, or happily babbles back (pretty much my favorite thing ever).
  • We still hate the car seat (what a nightmare), but had a successful trip for Whole Foods this week with no crying (until the last two minutes). Mommy and daddy are very hopeful.
  • We’re working on enjoying stroller rides! The weather is a-mazing and we love going out for at least one walk a day. Nothing better than rosy cheeks! We’ve cried almost every walk so far but we’re hoping that was due to the recent growth spurt (please).
  • She’s obessed with Skype/FaceTime. She’s so fascinated with the screen and watching her grandparents talk to her.
  • We work a little bit on Czech, Russian, and French every day!
  • Our longest running time slept at night was 5 hours straight, with only two awakenings to eat. Mom and dad are looking forward to the much anticipated ‘sleeping through the night’ stage.
  • Liv’s first food tasted was a strawberry, and she’s tried grapes and raspberries since. She mostly licked it, but was eventually shoving my whole hand in her mouth to try to eat it. I let her try it because she was so interested in what I was eating. Now she chomps frozen fruit from her silicone teether.
  • She now cuddles stuffed animals while sleeping (if I put it under her arm). She wraps her arms around it and squeezes. Maybe it’s a reflex, but it’s still darn cute.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but those are our main accomplishments for now!