Daily Adventures #1

I wanted to add this section for our ‘everyday life’ updates, so here we go!

We didn’t do much for Hallow’s Eve, though we hope everyone had a great time! Livy needed her nap time and evenings aren’t her best ‘being out and about’ times, so we stayed in this year. Next year, who knows?

We do a lot of talking about what kind of traditions we’d like to start and keep. Antonin and I discussed many times what we’d like to do for Halloween and haven’t really decided. I like the fun aspect of the holiday, but I don’t like the candy aspect. Ant hasn’t really celebrated Halloween and I wasn’t allowed to per our ‘Orthodox’ religion, which stated that Halloween was basically worshiping evil spirits. I was thinking of a few ideas for how to deal with the junk candy aspect of Halloween as a crunchy mama, and had a few ideas such as letting her trade in the candy for a toy or book, or switching out her candy for still sweet but less junky options. But that doesn’t solve the fact that I really wouldn’t want her eating it all in two days. I guess we will see with time!

We are also trying to figure out what to do for the upcoming Winter Solstice. I have a feeling that with a baby under 1 we won’t get a whole lot of preparation done or many traditions going, but we are looking forward to the simple beauty of the season, such as the snow, and evergreens, and seeing the beautiful Rocky’s in all-white-dress. There’s also a train ride that you can take here in the winter season, and it goes through the mountains for beautiful views. We were thinking of doing that (if baby permits).

We had a lovely visit from our family: our close friend Monika (Livy’s Aunt Momo) came down to meet her and to visit, bearing tutus and all. Of course Liv’s hate for the car seat and recent all day napping habit kept us from being able to do much but that’s what you get with a 3 month old! Mama’s starting to get stir-crazy. Let me tell you, this kiddo even hates the stroller, but we sure are trying to get her used to it little by little and with a lot of crazy faces, sounds, and toys for encouragement. Anyhow, it was absolutely lovely to see Aunt Momo, it’s definitely been a while since we moved out of Houston and have gotten together. Up next we have visits from both of moms!

Liv’s been so smiley and happy, and she giggles so much! We’ve been overjoyed (yet tired as she started waking up every 2-3 hours again). Sometimes I don’t know how some parents have more than one child at a time, it makes me crazy just thinking about it. But maybe that’s the exhaustion talking. I can’t even think of other kids right now, my life and heart are very full! We are convinced that we have the best child ever 😉

I recently chopped off a bunch of my hair and in the below picture is the final result. It’s so unusual going from super long to very short! I came home and was so upset that I didn’t like the length. Then I woke up the next day and loved it. Go figure. Haircuts are always so hard for me!

Oh yeah, and we took some pictures in a pretty dress over the weekend, for no special reason!



What are some unique traditions you have going on during the winter holidays? What do you do about the Halloween sugar rush? Would love to hear in the comments below!