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Recipes Of The Week #9

I totally foiled two of last week’s recipes!

The quinoa patties did not come out that great and the stir fry and I had a bit of a mishap. I couldn’t find any chilis at the store so the guy who worked in produce recommended jalapenos since they are the same heat grade as chilis. Unfortunately I found out that he was wrong, the hard way. The food was WAY too spicy and we had to brainstorm on how to salvage such a large portion of food so as to not throw it away.

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Recipes Of The Week #8

The new recipes for this week are here!

I loved last week’s tahini dressing, as well as the ‘smoked yogurt’ on the sweet potatoes. Can’t wait to try this week’s recipes. Here they are:

Quinoa Protein Patties

Recipe: Dreamy Leaf

Brown Rice Stir-Fry With Vegetables

Recipe: Simply Vegan Blog

Pistachio Pesto Pasta

Recipe: Veggie Chick

Let me know what you thought of last week’s recipes in the comments below!

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Getting Through The First 3 Months

Getting Through The First 3 Months As New Parents

Since I had my baby, I could think of one phrase to best describe the process of labor and being a new parent:

The hardest and best thing you’ll ever do.

Your nest just became fuller by one (or more). This tiny bundle has been in your or your partner’s belly for 9 or more months and all you’ve had to do until now was eat, sleep, and occasionally talk to them or sing them songs. That was the extent of your responsibility. You’ve made decisions about what you are going to purchase, how you are going to parent, and how you will birth. Yet now they are here, and they are looking at you with boundless curiosity. They are completely dependent on you and your expertise as a parent. Except wait, you don’t have any.

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Our Best-Rated Baby Items For 0-3 Months

Liv is now 3 months old and we have found some great toys and items to help accompany her progress and growth! Here is a list of the items we purchased and loved and would recommend:

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Organic Cover

Though I didn’t use the boppy much to breastfeed Liv when she was a newborn, I use it all the time now for two reasons. The first one is that she always naps in my arms and recently also while latched on to my breast. Sometimes my arms get tired and other times I need to work on a blog post while she’s napping. So I have the boppy around my waist while I’m sitting and her body and head rest on it easily while she stays latched on and sleeps. Two handed typing, win-win! The second reason is that now that she’s a little older, we use it a lot to prop her up to sit, with a towel or pillow behind her neck. It’s much better than just sitting her up with no support around her midline. There are probably other nursing pillows with a similar shape that you can purchase, but we got this one along with an organic cover.

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Liv is 3 Months!

Our little bug turned 3 months Friday!

What has Liv been up to?

We are just getting out of a major growth spurt. Whether this was an early sleep regression, growth spurt, or teething, we don’t know. We’ve learned that when it comes to these periods, all these things look the same and leave you feeling just as crazy. I’ve heard that each major growth spurt leads to some kind of major development, so we are excited to see what new skill she will present us with next.

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Our Birth Story – Pt. 1

I’ve wanted a child for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was because I was eager to do better than I thought was done unto me, or perhaps it was because I loved children even as a child myself. I grew up with a mother who was a Developmental Psychologist and always brought me around children, and we had many books on child development around the house. I was always interested in how to nourish children, what they need to thrive, and could hardly wait to have a child of my own one day.

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Recipes Of The Week #5

Hello all!

Haven’t done this segment in a bit because when you have a new baby, you cook what you have as fast as possible. There’s no time for recipes! But now that Livy is turning 3 months this week, things are a little less hectic and we have time to cook again, thanks to my husband, who does most of it.

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things to do with baby within the first year

9 Things To Do With Baby Within The First Year

It is exciting to watch your baby learn numerous new skills within their first year, such as walking, vocalization, playing with toys, smiling, and many others. Baby’s brain develops rapidly from the moment they are born and they quickly become a non-stop learning machine. They will look at things wide-eyed in fascination with “o” lips as they are intrigued by the world around them and you watch with joy as they take it all in. The first year can be an exciting time for both baby and parent, and there are many ways in which you can help your little one learn and explore the world around them and grow. Here are some things you can do with your baby within the first year.

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3 Ways Whiten Teeth

3 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

White teeth never go out of style!

However it is a misconception that the shade of one’s teeth is always directly related to one’s level of oral hygiene.

I’ve personally never had super pearly whites even though I’ve oil pulled, used essential oils, ate healthy foods, and used other methods of keeping my mouth and gums healthy. I know plenty of people who live very healthy and active lifestyles and whose teeth are slightly yellow. The food we eat can sometimes stain our teeth over time and with the function that our mouth serves, it’s not realistic to get blindingly white teeth without some kind of interference. Naturally speaking our teeth are not meant to be extremely white. In fact, the mouth is the dirtiest place on the body! However I cannot negate that there is something aesthetically pleasing about seeing your teeth sparkle, and it makes your mouth feel fresh and clean.

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Blooming Motherhood: Surviving and Growing During Our First Month As Parents

They say that when a baby is born, so is a mother.

It has officially been 4 weeks since we’ve been parents and since we’ve been home with our daughter, Liv Espen. Our journey so far has been difficult, exhausting, and absolutely beautiful. My birth as a mother started long before Liv came in to the world, yet I was born as a mother the day Liv was born in many ways that I’d soon come to learn about.

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