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9 Pregnancy Myths

Today I’m 40 weeks and we are so excited! Hooray!

I owe a lot of my readiness and comfort level and even excitement of my birth to trying to be informed and making decisions that are best for me and my family. Before I took an amazing birth class with my husband prior to our move, there were a few things I believed or imagined about pregnancy that I believed to be true. However after taking the class, and experiencing pregnancy first hand, I came to realize that there were some silly things that I thought to be true which indeed were not. Here are some pregnancy myths that my husband and I unveiled as we have journeyed through our first pregnancy together:

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My Thoughts For This Week: Friendships, Communication, Boundaries

Today my close friend Sarah went into labor and my thoughts and best wishes are with her!

I remember when we first discovered we were pregnant, we were only about a month apart. We originally met on an online forum for women who were trying to get pregnant. Finding out we were pregnant around the same time was a really exciting experience because we discussed in the past how fun it would be to be pregnant together, but it actually happening was amazing! I really appreciate her support and friendship throughout my pregnancy and hope that she has a really awesome, powerful, and loving birth and that her and her baby are as healthy as can be. Sending her lots of love!

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Couple’s Therapy As Maintenance, Not Just Repair

We aren’t all born with the skills to handle situations in the most profound way. I know for sure I wasn’t. This lack of skills, as I’ve learned, can hold us back, like the moth that keeps at it with the light bulb. Unless we find and test new ways to deal with things, like the moth we can also get stuck in unproductive habits and behaviors that get us nowhere and keep us frustrated. This can take a toll on our relationships with ourselves, and with our loved ones. Working on our own internal challenges can be difficult enough, but throwing another person into the mix when we don’t quite yet have ourselves figured out can make things even more overwhelming. Sometimes a little self help and research is all we need to get us on the right path, but sometimes we need extra help.

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Books I Chose To Read To Prepare For My Natural Childbirth

When making a decision for the kind of birth we wanted to have, my husband and I did a lot of research to make sure we made the best decision for us and our child. We both agreed that a natural birth at home was the best option for our family.

Since the moment I knew I wanted to conceive, I wanted to prepare myself physically, mentally, and spiritually for the kind of birth I wanted and knew I could have. I started reading up information and books before I got pregnant and continued all throughout my pregnancy. Reading stories of other women birthing gave me strength, confidence, and insight into the incredible reality of home birth. Since then I have worked to face any fears I had around my birth, to inform myself of the process, and to visualize to bring to life the birth that I would like myself, my husband, and my baby to experience. I knew there would be a lot of wonderful books on the market and I wanted to get my hands on all of them, however once I found out I was pregnant I had to make a list and prioritize what I really wanted to have read by the time I birth and what can wait until after.

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Vulnerability: A Deeper Strength

The word ‘vulnerability’ usually comes with a negative stigma. We think that if we are vulnerable, that makes us weak, open to attack, and unable to control our emotions. But what if vulnerability was a great source of our strength?

If you look up the definition of the word ‘vulnerability’ you get something along the lines of the following definition:

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How Positive Visualization and Materialization Actually Works

My spiritual adventure began many years ago, however one very important part was when me and my now husband moved out on our own for the very first time. At that point in time I felt very balanced in most areas of my life and I was enthusiastic that we could make living on our own work one way or another, and that the universe would somehow aid us and help things come together if we stayed positive and confident that we’d get what we wanted. I was sure that positive visualization and believing that things really can work out in the best way possible for us would be the key, along with some effort on our parts as well.

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