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Smoothie Recipe #1

My husband and I have a green packed smoothie once a day (about half a liter each). This gives me a chance to throw in stuff I wouldn’t normally eat on its own, such as turmeric root, wheatgrass, spoonful of coconut oil, etc. I always throw in many superfoods and some powdered greens as well as fresh for that super daily boost. I’ll throw a recipe on here occasionally as I go!

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Recipies of the Week #3

Hey lovelies!

Just went food shopping this morning and learned my lesson: Whole Foods does their stocking in the mornings! So as crowded as it may get in the afternoons, that’s probably the best time to go. However, I bought all the ingredients needed for the following three recipes for this week. Click on the images to get the recipe.

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What’s The Deal With Ghee

My husband and I do not consume any dairy products a majority of the time. However, I have been reading a lot about the health benefits of ghee, and it’s been one of those things that just keeps popping up everywhere I look, especially because I am usually attracted to Indian food recipes. So at first, when I kept seeing it on the ingredient list, I found myself wondering what this ‘ghee’ is.

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Warming Pore Clarifying Mask

Hey everyone!

So I created and tried this home made facial mask today and BAM my pores are so clean! I am pretty sure I’ve hit the gold mine of facials. I have to share this with you guys.

This mask uses warming ingredients to open up the pores, and then ingredients with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties to really get in there and clean those suckers out! Some of the areas on my face that can get a little clogged up are my nose and forehead, so this made my pores look visibly cleaner and my skin glow. Here it is:

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5 Tips To Keep The Healthy In Your Holidays & Recipes

Hello there!

The stores are decorating wreaths and I smell pumpkin lattees everywhere I go, so that must mean it’s time for fall and winter holidays! Family and friends will gather and you’ll be filling up your plates with the deliciousness you spent all day making and feeling the warmth in your heart for having the pleasure of such great blessings. You’ll probably sit by the fireplace and if you’re my husband you’ll accidentally singe your eyebrows because you forgot to open the fireplace vent.

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How Coconut Oil Will Change Your Life

This week I just have to tell you coconut oil, not only because of how varied its uses are but also because my hubby has asked me to make this post so that he can share it with others in his joint admiration of this miracle oil!

Coconut oil is one of nature’s many miracle healers and is one of the best things to keep around the home! Coconuts provide us with several useful sources of nutrition: the meat, milk, and oil which are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

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Caffeine Blues

If you’re like me, you like a steamy, hot cup of joe in the morning. Unfortunately, it’s not the best health choice to start off your day and I end up feeling guilty for not making a better one. However, I’ve found a way to counter your morning coffee in a way that won’t leave you zapped within a few hours and hankering for more caffeine.

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