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Livy is 4 months!

What have been up to this past month?

We had a few visitors over a period of 3 weeks: our parents and a friend (Livy’s aunt Momo). It was quite nice to have an extra set of hands (as always), and especially nice to get a mental break from the daily hubbub of mothering/fathering. Livy has grown unbelievably in all sorts of ways. The girl is going places! In the past month, here are some things she’s learned:

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Daily Adventures #1

I wanted to add this section for our ‘everyday life’ updates, so here we go!

We didn’t do much for Hallow’s Eve, though we hope everyone had a great time! Livy needed her nap time and evenings aren’t her best ‘being out and about’ times, so we stayed in this year. Next year, who knows?

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Liv is 3 Months!

Our little bug turned 3 months Friday!

What has Liv been up to?

We are just getting out of a major growth spurt. Whether this was an early sleep regression, growth spurt, or teething, we don’t know. We’ve learned that when it comes to these periods, all these things look the same and leave you feeling just as crazy. I’ve heard that each major growth spurt leads to some kind of major development, so we are excited to see what new skill she will present us with next.

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Blooming Motherhood: Surviving and Growing During Our First Month As Parents

They say that when a baby is born, so is a mother.

It has officially been 4 weeks since we’ve been parents and since we’ve been home with our daughter, Liv Espen. Our journey so far has been difficult, exhausting, and absolutely beautiful. My birth as a mother started long before Liv came in to the world, yet I was born as a mother the day Liv was born in many ways that I’d soon come to learn about.

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39 1/2 Week Update

Baby isn’t here yet but she could arrive at any minute!

There was definitely some stress around the breech situation and the limited options we had regarding our birth, however Ant and I have modified our birth plan and have made sweet, sweet peace with it. I feel like I can breathe again! I’m very much ready for baby to come and I have no words to describe how excited we are to greet her. It definitely feels so unreal that she can be here any day and that there’s a full grown baby in my belly! However we are relishing these moments. We have cleaned house, prepared postpartum meals, and have everything ready to go. What a wonderful feeling! We really thought baby would come last week as we started feeling some things progress, but then things sort of slowed down again. Seems like baby L can come at any time, now or two weeks from now!

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37 Week Update

We are officially in the baby zone!

We are so excited to be at 37 weeks, as it marks the first week that baby is fully grown and developed and can technically come at any time, even though first time mothers usually carry fully to about 40 weeks. I have a feeling that this little explorer might want to come a little earlier. Speaking of exploring, our little one is really preferring the frank breech position! Mama spends a good amount of time going to acupuncture, chiropractor, and crawling around on hands and knees and so far baby has retained her position. This situation has actually made us really aware of the legal situation surrounding birth and women and we were sad to discover that in most states, a woman’s hands are tied regarding her birth, even if she and baby are fully healthy. For example my husband and I were never huge fans of c-sections (except in emergencies) as we find it to be a majorly invasive, and at this point unnecessary, surgery as both baby and I are super healthy (as we keep being told). However, because baby girl is breech, our midwife is legally not allowed to deliver her at home as we originally planned. Since there is only one doctor in the entire metro area that will deliver a breech vaginally, this automatically puts us (and many other parents) in the c-section zone. Lets just say that we were not happy about that. I strongly believe that a woman, and that parents, have an intuitive sense about their birth  and their baby and that the choice should be theirs in terms of how and where they birth. This has been an interesting challenge and we have been a little stressed by it, but we have decided to do our best to try to turn baby and then take it from there. Breech is after all considered by many a variation of a normal position, granted that mother and baby are healthy and there are no complications.

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35 Week Pregnancy Update

I’m 35 weeks and time is flying!

The challenge has been to relax and slow down! This mama is trying to get everything together for baby, from doing baby’s laundry to putting together furniture and organizing. However my body is telling me it’s time to sloooow dooown and unwind a bit, and most importantly, do some mental preparation. It’s getting a bit more difficult to bend down and do some things without crunching my belly. I’ve done all I can so far to prepare and now it’s time to just soak up these last weeks and let my body rest and relax. However, it’s not easy to stop when you’re an on the go person, and asking for help more often is also challenging. However, I try to think of what’s best for me and baby, so I’ve been working on accepting this period of ‘non-doing’ and just embrace this change. Luckily, there are always people to help you bring your cart out at the store and luckily my husband is very helpful and understanding.

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My Thoughts For This Week: Friendships, Communication, Boundaries

Today my close friend Sarah went into labor and my thoughts and best wishes are with her!

I remember when we first discovered we were pregnant, we were only about a month apart. We originally met on an online forum for women who were trying to get pregnant. Finding out we were pregnant around the same time was a really exciting experience because we discussed in the past how fun it would be to be pregnant together, but it actually happening was amazing! I really appreciate her support and friendship throughout my pregnancy and hope that she has a really awesome, powerful, and loving birth and that her and her baby are as healthy as can be. Sending her lots of love!

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32 Week Pregnancy Update

This mama has hit 32 weeks and the clock is ticking!

This past week there have been no dramatic changes. Ant’s mom came for a visit for the holiday weekend and we went and bought some more clothes for baby girl. I hear you can’t have too many onesies! We really enjoyed checking out the Boulder Farmer’s Market and getting some herbs for our kitchen window as well as some mouthwatering produce. I’ll definitely be coming back for more, I think baby girl and I loved the cucumbers and tomatoes way too much.

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Back With A Brand New Track!

EarthenMama has been on a bit of a hiatus for a while but now I’m back! With great news!

It’s been slightly busy on my end with a lot of fantastic changes going on in my life.

If you’re not familiar with me, my husband and I are a fairly young couple who started a journey together based on some really important, similar goals. We move around, we travel, and we love to experience life. There’s a whole world out there to see and touch and our goal is to do just that, with our three dogs and a hopefully expanding family. I am (we are) health and happiness centered, and believe that everyone deserves the freedom and right to create and manifest opportunities which makes them truly happy and healthy and live their lives to the fullest extent. I use my intuition and heart as my compass for the small and large decisions I make in my life and respect that which guides others in the decisions they make, be they similar or completely different. My goal is to share with you how I stay healthy, happy, and what kind of adventures I embark on.

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