Hello there!

I’ve been gifted with the opportunity to be a mama, twice! I think we may stop there, because we didn’t realize how much we love sleep and personal space. However, I love my littles more, and I’m fulfilling my dream of being an involved parent full time, along with my partner, who is lucky enough to work from home and have a flexible schedule to be as active in our kids’ lives as possible.

What drew us to a combination of Waldorf, Montessori, and RIE parenting is the opportunity to give children a slow, unburdened childhood full of the ability to satiate their unlimited curiosity and wonder, to follow the child, and to surround them with warmth, beauty, rhythm, and kindness, and respect. My firstborn has taught me to follow the child above all methodology, so here we are, learning on a daily basis how to open up the doors of the world, as our kids need us to do for them in their individual ways. I believe Alfie Kohn said in Unconditional Parenting, it’s not how we love our children, it’s how they need us to love them.

We are currently in a Zero Waste/Minimalism journey. Living in a large home has been wonderful for my very active firstborn, but it has also emphasized that the responsibilities of maintaining a large home with a lot of stuff is not where we want to invest our time. We are in the process of selling our home and moving to a smaller space within our state. While minimizing, we also realized the importance of our creating less waste as a family. We want to preserve our planet for our kids and model that taking care of ourselves and our space goes beyond the walls we live in.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!