My name’s Jane, and I’m in progress of becoming a mommy! Hubby and I started trying this year and are just waiting for our positive! I’ve always been a psychology junkie. I’m also a vegetarian bordering vegan, a somewhat minimalist, I practice yoga, I’m spiritual (non-religious/new age), and a dog lover! We have 3. We plan to have a home water birth, practice attachment parenting, and breastfeed. 1 year ago we started our journey on adopting our first child (we’ve always wanted to adopt first, give birth later), however things didn’t work out and we won’t be eligible to adopt for a couple years. So our pregnancy journey begins now! Don’t be fooled by my current lack of child, I’ve a ton of experience with children and am self taught in developmental psychology. I know all things natural, as we haven’t used chemicals in the home for years, and want to share my knowledge and extensive experience of these things, as well as other things natural, such as: makeup, dog products and health, home solutions, food, home products, baby and child health, development, and products, pregnancy, natural birth, and more.




us and our furry monsters

Our journey together started 3 years ago when we became close friends and moved in together. We then moved to Houston and have been living here for 2 years. In a couple years we plan on moving to Finland, as we are both European natives, me being from Belarus and hubby being from Czech Republic. We both had this in common: we wanted to live a healthy lifestyle without chemicals, stress, or money issues. We wanted a healthy balance in our lives and to someday bring a child into a loving home where they can grow up as an individual with our full support. We wanted to create a natural lifestyle that was possible in a modern world filled with chemicals, stressful schedules, and unhealthy emotional habits. That’s our goal!


us three years ago

My love for children and all things natural came from my childhood. I grew up with a doctor and a professor of developmental psychology. Natural remedies were always used in our home and the practices became innate to me. From ginger compresses to the chest, to homeopathic remedies and herbal teas, growing up natural grew on me. My mother would sometimes bring me to work with her, or bring back puzzles and games her students made as projects for me to play with. We had shelves of books with health and psychological information, as well as family planning. As a child I was always nose first in all of these. Those years left a huge impact on me as I wanted a child of my own for as long as I could remember and would continue to do so for many years afterwards into the now. Living a natural lifestyle vs. a medicated/chemical laden one has always been first nature to me after I hit my late teens and discovered exactly what was in my food and the products I am using. Making the switch to using natural products and eating healthy and more consciously was a natural progression to me, as well as being a vegetarian, which came to me after doing an animal rights project in early high school. Combine animal mistreatment these days with the chemicals and hormones in meat and bam, you had a vegetarian. Later on I found out more about organic and local food, using green products, what’s in my makeup and nail polish, what’s in my dog food, and much much more. All of which I want to share with you!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of motherhood and knowledge. I like to say that motherhood starts long before a child is born, but the moment you decide you want a child, and all the conscious decisions that come after. I hope I can pass on much useful information that will help you, your family, and your kids stay strong and healthy in life!