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39 1/2 Week Update


Baby isn’t here yet but she could arrive at any minute!

There was definitely some stress around the breech situation and the limited options we had regarding our birth, however Ant and I have modified our birth plan and have made sweet, sweet peace with it. I feel like I can breathe again! I’m very much ready for baby to come and I have no words to describe how excited we are to greet her. It definitely feels so unreal that she can be here any day and that there’s a full grown baby in my belly! However we are relishing these moments. We have cleaned house, prepared postpartum meals, and have everything ready to go. What a wonderful feeling! We really thought baby would come last week as we started feeling some things progress, but then things sort of slowed down again. Seems like baby L can come at any time, now or two weeks from now!

I’ve made a decision that I will write about our pregnancy and birth story once we deliver and once I have time to write it all down. I feel like I have a lot to share and some wisdom to impart regarding some of the things we’ve experienced and the decisions we’ve made.

Sleeping is such a pain right now, literally. As baby gets heavier, I have to toss and turn a bunch and it makes my ribs ache. But, I know this is temporary and I’m doing my best to just deal with it and take naps in the day to make up for it.


Baby is ready to go! I think she’s starting to feel like it’s time to head out as there isn’t much room left, but that doesn’t mean she has gotten less active! She’s still rowdy at times but she’s slowing down and settling lower. I often feel her little fingers and hands doing things in my belly and she pushes her head and feet out through my abdomen. It’s definitely a marvel to watch and feel.

Everything for both of us checks out great! I’ve had no complications or issues the entire pregnancy and honestly I can’t complain too much outside of a minimum range of pregnancy symptoms. She’s a healthy weight, size, and her heartbeat and activity are perfect. She’s definitely a happy head-up baby and we’re thankful and content!

Who knows, this may be the last pregnancy update!