37 Week Update


We are officially in the baby zone!

We are so excited to be at 37 weeks, as it marks the first week that baby is fully grown and developed and can technically come at any time, even though first time mothers usually carry fully to about 40 weeks. I have a feeling that this little explorer might want to come a little earlier. Speaking of exploring, our little one is really preferring the frank breech position! Mama spends a good amount of time going to acupuncture, chiropractor, and crawling around on hands and knees and so far baby has retained her position. This situation has actually made us really aware of the legal situation surrounding birth and women and we were sad to discover that in most states, a woman’s hands are tied regarding her birth, even if she and baby are fully healthy. For example my husband and I were never huge fans of c-sections (except in emergencies) as we find it to be a majorly invasive, and at this point unnecessary, surgery as both baby and I are super healthy (as we keep being told). However, because baby girl is breech, our midwife is legally not allowed to deliver her at home as we originally planned. Since there is only one doctor in the entire metro area that will deliver a breech vaginally, this automatically puts us (and many other parents) in the c-section zone. Lets just say that we were not happy about that. I strongly believe that a woman, and that parents, have an intuitive sense about their birth  and their baby and that the choice should be theirs in terms of how and where they birth. This has been an interesting challenge and we have been a little stressed by it, but we have decided to do our best to try to turn baby and then take it from there. Breech is after all considered by many a variation of a normal position, granted that mother and baby are healthy and there are no complications.

Aside from that, we are so excited to welcome our little lady! I cannot say enough that I can’t wait to see her little face and hold her. I can’t believe there is so little time left of my pregnancy, however I’m very much looking forward to the experience of birth as I feel very strongly and confidently that my body and I can handle it splendidly!

Our shared master/nursery is finally coming to a finish as I have all the furniture now and all the things we need for baby. I’m still waiting on a couple things like a couple of shelves and curtains, but other than that I’m totally in love with the way the room feels and I’m feeling very blessed and happy that our baby will have such a beautiful place to be and everything she needs and more.


She feels so big and heavy in my belly now (6.5lbs) and it’s hard to imagine that there’s a full grown baby in there. We still get comments on how very lively and active she is, even at this stage, and it’s a joy to feel her in my belly these last few weeks. We had to get an ultrasound the other day to make sure exactly what her position is,  and Antonin got to see her face for a split second. This isn’t common with 2d ultrasounds, so he’s lucky (and I’m jealous!) to have gotten to see her face fully, and he was really excited about it. It was her little gift to her very involved and caring daddy!

Everything is absolutely perfect! Baby is the right size, weight, and we both look to be in perfect health. That makes this mama very happy!