35 Week Pregnancy Update


I’m 35 weeks and time is flying!

The challenge has been to relax and slow down! This mama is trying to get everything together for baby, from doing baby’s laundry to putting together furniture and organizing. However my body is telling me it’s time to sloooow dooown and unwind a bit, and most importantly, do some mental preparation. It’s getting a bit more difficult to bend down and do some things without crunching my belly. I’ve done all I can so far to prepare and now it’s time to just soak up these last weeks and let my body rest and relax. However, it’s not easy to stop when you’re an on the go person, and asking for help more often is also challenging. However, I try to think of what’s best for me and baby, so I’ve been working on accepting this period of ‘non-doing’ and just embrace this change. Luckily, there are always people to help you bring your cart out at the store and luckily my husband is very helpful and understanding.

The shared master/nursery is slowly coming together and most of the work is done. I’m excited to see how it looks in the end, I’m already loving the paint color difference!


At this stage I like to call baby an octopus. She’s chunky and takes up all her space, and when she moves around, I can definitely feel every bit. She is currently breech posterior, which means that she’s head up and with her back against mine. I’m doing all the things to get her to turn into the optimal position including different yoga postures, sitting on a yoga ball, homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture. I try to remember that it’s her birth as well, not just mine, and that she knows best about which position works for her. Although it definitely makes me nervous that she can end up being breech (my state’s laws prohibit breech home births), I’m working on doing all I can to convince her that head down is best and on accepting whatever outcome comes my way in the end. Not an easy lesson, but she’s teaching me many things already!

My mom visited us this past week and got to attend a checkup appointment with us. She got to hear the heartbeat and ask some questions. It was wonderful! Baby is about 5lbs now and everyone is doing super well!

Check back later for another update as we get closer to our due date!