32 Week Pregnancy Update


This mama has hit 32 weeks and the clock is ticking!

This past week there have been no dramatic changes. Ant’s mom came for a visit for the holiday weekend and we went and bought some more clothes for baby girl. I hear you can’t have too many onesies! We really enjoyed checking out the Boulder Farmer’s Market and getting some herbs for our kitchen window as well as some mouthwatering produce. I’ll definitely be coming back for more, I think baby girl and I loved the cucumbers and tomatoes way too much.


Baby is definitely getting bigger and heavier and I’ve had to learn to slow down in these recent weeks. Bending over often feels like there is a bowling ball attached to my abdomen and putting on socks and pants is becoming a challenge! I’ve had to relinquish some of my self-sustainability (eek) and learn to ask for help more often. Ant is the loveliest because he never minds. I’ve learned to take my time getting out of bed, as you have to do it the proper way. Sleeping has definitely become more of a challenge as getting comfortable and turning around takes a while and you feel like you’re dragging a heavy weight with you, but sleeping with lots of pillows around me for support is a huge help. We finally got our stash of cloth diapers in the mail and I’m so stoked! My wool diaper covers and lanolin kit also came in, and the covers are just adorable.

(OsoCozy Organic Diapers)

Next week I may start on washing all the baby things, as recommended by my lovely friend Sarah, in case I start feeling tired later on. I’m still not having any weird or crazy (or typical) symptoms and other than getting tired in the evenings and sometimes having an occasional slight backache, I’m doing just fine. I’m really enjoying hot baths with epsom salts and lavender essential oils these days as it takes the weight of the baby off for a short amount of time. I love being in the water! I’m really liking watermelon and nectarines right now; I’ve always been a fan of summer fruit, it is such a treat.

Baby sleeps a lot more these days but I can feel sharp elbows and pointy knees more than before! She is definitely starting to occupy most of the space in my belly and I can often feel her in several different places at once. Feeling her move around is really exciting because I’m starting to differentiate which parts of her body are which. I’ve also noticed that she likes to blow bubbles, or at least that’s what it feels like!

Our last midwife checkup went great, everyone is in good shape and at the right stage of development. She’s really active when our midwife feels for her position and tries to listen for her heartbeat with a fetal stethoscope. It always gives us a good laugh when we are trying to hear the heartbeat and we hear a kick instead! Baby is head up, which means that it’s not too much to worry about just yet but that it’s not a bad idea to start encouraging baby to turn.

I’ll be doing weekly or byweekly updates based on progress, so make sure to check back later!